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I saw an ad in the Fons and Porter September/October 2012 magazine for a design frame. Sandwiching my quilt tops is a task I often put it off because I hate how long it takes and how sore my back and knees are by the time I finish crawling around the floor for hours on end. However, before shelling out nearly $300.00 I decided to see if this frame idea was a viable alternative.  I went to Home Depot and bought 1/2″ PVC pipe (5 pipes 10′ long, 4 of which they were kind enough to cut in half and the fifth they cut into 20″ lengths at no charge) and connectors for all the corners. Grand total – less than $20.00 after tax. Here is a picture of what I put together in under 5 minutes.  Ok so it may not be pretty or the sturdiest contraption, but any port in a storm.(I am short so I need the step stool to see over the top).

I have now used the frame to sandwich two quilts. This next picture shows the backing on the frame of quilt #1.

And here is all three pieces on the frame.This is the second quilt I have used the frame for this week. This shows what it looks like from the back and under the frame. My favorite part of this is BEING ABLE TO SEE THE BACK OF THE QUILT. Something you are not able do when it is laid out on the floor and therefore you CANNOT see if you have any bubbles or folds.So here is quilt #2 all sandwiched. I found my husband had more NEW colorful plastic clamps in his tool box so I confiscated them for this quilt. I had much better luck making the backing more taut this time. Still Learning here. Now I am going to go baste it and get it quilted. I am THRILLED! Two Quilts in a week. It is a new record for me. I hope to post more details soon on using this frame and/or making it more sturdy. Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I hope you all have a Quilting Day. Joan


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